In 2010 over 30 garden bloggers from all over the world met for the first ever UK get together at RHS Malvern Spring Show. This blog documents the lead up to that event plus the subsequent informal get togethers we've had in Malvern. There are also insights into the events of 2009, insider views from various exhibitors and personal views of Malvern and surrounding places of interest.

Thus this blog also forms a valuable resource for anyone wanting to visit either the spring or autumn versions of the show, or contemplating a visit to the area.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

What's New and Let's Meet!

It's Showtime at Malvern- will you be there?

It's a year since the Meet @ Malvern blog was launched, so I've tweaked the layout in celebration to launch our 2011 get together. I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible this year :D

Helen and I have various work, family and exam commitments over the next few months and so we won't be able to do very much in the way of organising this year. This also reflects what a number of you said in last year's feedback too, and our informal get together at the Autumn Show last September proved an organisation-lite gathering can still work successfully.

However, I'm also aware there are a number of people who are interested in coming who didn't join us last year at either show, so I'd welcome your views on how we can best ensure we all can find each other easily for a natter with the minimum of organisation.

I've used the Blogger Page function to bring together most of the useful information you'll need to make your own arrangements to attend this year. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to add to the information, particularly the Accommodation, Getting There and Hints and Tips pages.

You'll also see there's an Attendee page: this is very much in the early stages of development, do let me know if and when you're attending so I can keep this page up to date. If last year is anything to go by, this won't really reflect what's happening until late April! And do pass the word round to your fellow bloggers and tweeters who may be interested in coming. This post is the invitation for everyone, so it's up to us all to ensure no-one's left out.

The exception to the useful stuff at the top of the page (isn't there always one!) is the all important contact details for obtaining your tickets. This is in the sidebar under Tickets Please! heading. If you click on the picture, it'll take you to the official Malvern Show booking page. NB The countdown clock has been reinstated too - though you'll have to look a bit harder to find it this time!

I won't be posting as much on here this year as I believe what's already here is enough to give anyone a flavour of what the show is like either by going through the blog in sequence or using the Labels in the sidebar (towards the bottom) to home in on what looks interesting. There'll be the occasional update of news as and when I get it. If anyone would like to write a guest post to help lighten the load, then do get in touch :)

As the posts will be less frequent, you may wish to sign up for Updates or Follow this blog to make sure you don't miss out on anything. You'll find the appropriate buttons in the sidebar. I'll also be updating via Twitter, but experience showed last year that this is a bit hit and miss in keeping you updated.

NB as for last year accommodation is already filling fast, so this is something for you to consider NOW if you're wanting to stay over during the show.


Plant Mad Nige said...

I want to be be there, probably on the Friday, but maybe Thursday, too. How do I confirm???


My Dirty Life said...

Hi. I should be there on Thursday.

M@M aka VP ;) said...

PMN - you're on the list and I've DM'd you :)

AVDRS - thanks, you're on the list too now - hurray!

Gail said...

I have the most delicious memories of Malvern last May~Miss you all terribly and wish I could make it this year. xxoogail

VP said...

Gail - I'll miss you this year as will many other Malven meeters.

I've been thinking of you a lot this weekend as there's been several programmes about Mark Knopfler and your friend Richard Bennet's been featured too!

Anna said...

Looking forward to May and Malvern - hope to be there in the Thursday :)

Noel Morata said...


this looks like alot of fun, wish i could attend. i would love to see all the updates from the various bloggers though

M@M aka VP ;) said...

Noel - it would be great to have another USA contingent join us this year, but fully understand just how far away we are from you.

There'll be plenty of updates from the bloggers - both on here (so you could subscribe or look out for them in May!) and on their own blogs. I always put a linked list of all the various posts people do :)

Janet/Plantaliscious said...

I'll be there on Thursday thanks to Gardening SIL.

M@M aka VP ;) said...

Janet - fantastic - hope to see you there :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't been to Malvern before, but started a blog this year and would love to meet up. Hoping to be there on Thursday. Naomi

M@M aka VP ;) said...

Welcome Naomi! I'll be there on Thursday too. Look forward to seeing you there :)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happened to my response so hope this posts OK. I'll be there all four days, and blogging live - where are we meeting?