In 2010 over 30 garden bloggers from all over the world met for the first ever UK get together at RHS Malvern Spring Show. This blog documents the lead up to that event plus the subsequent informal get togethers we've had in Malvern. There are also insights into the events of 2009, insider views from various exhibitors and personal views of Malvern and surrounding places of interest.

Thus this blog also forms a valuable resource for anyone wanting to visit either the spring or autumn versions of the show, or contemplating a visit to the area.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Thanks For All Your Help & Be Our Guest

The great thing about organising something like Meet @ Malvern is how everyone in the blogging community gets stuck in and helps to make an event so much better. Helen and I have been overwhelmed with your response so far, both on here and on Twitter. There's a real buzz of excitement about our first bloggers' get together here in the UK and so many more of you are interested in coming than we ever imagined.

You've been great already by posting about Meet @ Malvern on your blogs which is really helping to spread the word. It means our transatlantic cousins in particular are watching us with interest. I'm imagining them with their faces pressed against the 'windows' of their computers longing to join us. I'd love them to be able to come to Malvern and who knows? Someone just might. But if they can't be with us for real, then I'd like them to join us in a virtual way. Tweeting during the event will help them to do so, as will posting both during and after the show. I'm also trying to think of other ways: perhaps they could send in a greeting and photo and we set up a virtual visitor's 'wall' at Malvern in some way. What do you think? Perhaps you have other idea(s) for us to consider?

This week has also seen the start of a series of guest posts planned to take us all the way from now up to the start of Malvern. We've had two of them already this week, from Happy Mouffetard and Anna, so I've started a blog list in the sidebar as a little way of saying thank you. As others join them, they'll be added to the list too. All next week there'll be a marvellous series of posts from Deb chronicling how Lola, her show garden, went from the drawing board to best border at last year's show.

If you have an idea for a guest post which would be suitable for this blog, then do get in touch at malvernmeet at gmail dot com with an outline of your idea. For example, you might be coming to the show for the first time. What are your expectations? How do you feel about the show or meeting your virtual friends? What else would you like to know? Would you mind writing a short piece for us? It'll help us to ensure we provide exactly the kind of event you'd like - as will any comments and questions you care to leave here, on Twitter or via email - and give you all the information you need in one handy place. If you'd prefer to write your post for your blog then that's fine: we could either post on both blogs or I can link to you.


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