In 2010 over 30 garden bloggers from all over the world met for the first ever UK get together at RHS Malvern Spring Show. This blog documents the lead up to that event plus the subsequent informal get togethers we've had in Malvern. There are also insights into the events of 2009, insider views from various exhibitors and personal views of Malvern and surrounding places of interest.

Thus this blog also forms a valuable resource for anyone wanting to visit either the spring or autumn versions of the show, or contemplating a visit to the area.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hot News: Just the Ticket!

Stop right there if you're getting ready to buy your tickets for Malvern!

The show's organisers are going out of their way to ensure we have a very warm welcome in May, which includes a generous ticket deal. Helen and I are meeting with them on the 25th to iron out the fine details, so will be able to tell you everything very soon.

It'll mean more cash available to buy plants, so do hold off buying for now :)


Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Drat and double drat, my tickets arrived this morning :)

HappyMouffetard said...

oooh - that's good news!

Anna said...

Great news :)

M@M aka VP ;) said...

Karen - we'll see if something can be done about that.

HM & Anna - you're going to like it!