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Monday, 8 March 2010

Malvern Memories: A Real Shopper

Whilst we're on the subject of shopping, Anna admirably demonstrates the rewards that proper dedication to the art can bring. I've combined a couple of her previous posts to bring you:

First up at Meet @ Malvern is the house that Himself built...

I am away from home and garden at the moment but himself is keeping me updated with his progress in putting up my new greenhouse. We bought this at the Malvern Spring Show back in May at a special show price. I did not have any intentions of making such a purchase before the show and was sweet talked into it by himself. However I am smitten with it already - it's bigger and better than its predecessor whose removal still caused my eyes to moisten as it departed for pastures new. I can't wait to get home later this week to make a start getting everything sorted out and to sow some sweet peas.

...and then she took us home to meet the family...

They are sociable, are not fussy eaters, do not play loud music at night and only speak when they are spoken to !

They came home with us after we visited the Malvern Spring Gardening Show earlier this year. Himself having not only talked me into buying a new greenhouse but also into purchasing a Can -O- Worms from Wiggly Wrigglers who were exhibiting at the show. We shared our campervan with a thousands worms for a night or two - well I am exaggerating somewhat - they were in a sealed bag in a storage box, fixed to the back of the van. There was definitely no danger of any of them worming their way into our bed.

I must admit that I had hankered after a wormery for several years and just like the greenhouse they were on sale at a special show price. They are a source of constant amusement - I disappear into the shed at least once a day to check on their well being and to talk to them. However I do not think I will have any usable compost until the spring and I do not think that there will be vast amounts in the future to bulk up my allotment beds. My thoughts were confirmed by a recent visit to the library where I read a report on wormeries in "Which ? Gardening". Although Can- O -Worms emerged as the best buy the report advised that this product will not meet all the average gardener's compost needs. I am not complaining though as I think that I am getting my moneys worth in enjoyment, as well as having another place to dispose of kitchen waste. The question of the moment is whether they will be warm and cosy enough in the shed overwinter or should I bring them inside? Himself is not enthusiastic about the latter option.

Their very first meal ~

Anna wrote this in October 2009, so it looks like her worms have thrived since last year's Spring Show. And only last week she wrote about how delighted she still is with her greenhouse.

Content and pictures courtesy of Greentapestry.

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