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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Design – the puberty years …

After yesterday's retrospective, here's Claire's latest guest post on the Anniversary Show Garden...

Contrary to popular belief, design can work just fine at a distance. The wonders of modern technology have made communication so quick and easy that there is no need for regular face to face meetings – small comments can be copied to all at the push of a button and design revisions can be whizzed all over the world via the wonderful world wide web.

Our first thoughts had been sent from Sussex. And so we sat and waited.

Far, far away, designs and concepts were printed out and poured over by both clients and the third member of the design team, Jim Steed.

Comments were made, further scribbles and design progressions were sent flying back, and we really were on our way.

But design is a funny old mistress. An idea can progress in such a way that a mere toddler of a concept can suddenly burst into a stroppy teenager and give you such a hard time that you have to behave strictly to get it back in line. Design can (and should) be mischievous but you cannot allow it to be given an ASBO.

And with three major design inputs, we had to keep tight hold of the reins, lest the space go galloping away into the distance with the fuel of too many ideas.

Selection was key, and after a few hard examinations of design elements and plan outlines, some was scrapped and some was kept. Consultations followed with all parties and the final, streamlined plan crept into being.

Bones done, now for the fleshing out. A plant discussion was on the horizon...

Thanks Claire - and for those of you dying to have a sneak preview of progress with pictures, here's the latest over at her blog. There's more to come from Claire tomorrow as she gives us some insights into aspects of the Unseen Show Garden...

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