In 2010 over 30 garden bloggers from all over the world met for the first ever UK get together at RHS Malvern Spring Show. This blog documents the lead up to that event plus the subsequent informal get togethers we've had in Malvern. There are also insights into the events of 2009, insider views from various exhibitors and personal views of Malvern and surrounding places of interest.

Thus this blog also forms a valuable resource for anyone wanting to visit either the spring or autumn versions of the show, or contemplating a visit to the area.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Tickets Please!

This time last year Happy Mouffetard wrote:

Ceci n'est pas un billet*

Well, it is actually, but also so much more than that. It's an opportunity to gaze, to shop, to gain inspiration, to look at perfect flowers in awe, to covet plants, to wish I had a bigger garden, to learn, to make notes, to take photos and to enjoy a day out amongst thousands of other plant lovers.

It's the Malvern spring gardening show. And I have my tickets! Now I just have to wait six weeks [or so, check the countdown clock - Ed]...

(*'This is not a ticket', with apologies to René Magritte)

Which also gives me the ideal opportunity to remind you about our fantastic half price ticket deal:
  • We have a limited number of half-price tickets (for Friday or Saturday) if you write a full blog post on your blog (i.e. not just a mention in passing or a paragraph in a post) about the Spring Show or if you already have a blog but choose to write a guest post for us here
  • The deadline for posting is the 31st March 2010
  • Need inspiration? Then have a look at what Frances, Happy Mouffetard, Edith, Victoria and Karen have written thus far
  • If you would like to do a guest post here, then email me at the address on the sidebar with your content and any photo(s) you'd like to use.
  • We are more than happy for you to do simultaneous postings with it appearing on your own blog and here at the same time
  • If you are coming to Malvern for more than one day, then the lovely people at the showground are also offering any extra days at the slightly cheaper group rate
  • If you've already booked your tickets, or are one of the people who can attend as a member of the press, I still need to know which day(s) you are coming so your names can be added to the admission list for our dedicated VIP area
  • If you're coming with a partner or friend(s), their tickets should be booked separately via the Malvern Spring Show booking system, or purchased on the gate. I will also need to know their name(s) and day(s) for the VIP admission list

Don't forget the deadline - 31st March- and don't forget to send us the link to your post. I'll contact you to request the information needed for the Three Counties Showground and payment so they can issue your tickets.

Any questions about your post or the tickets offer? Just leave a comment below or drop me a line via email.



Pat Atkins said...

Hi I am building a show garden at Malvern and have written a blog telling you all about it. The link is

Anonymous said...

I will be coming with my helper and assistance dog, Sky. I usually only need one ticket. Will this brillisant idea be OK for me please? we are coming on Friday May 7th. Looking forward to meeting up with co-bloggers.

M@M aka VP ;) said...

Pat - thanks for getting in touch again - I hope you've seen the Comment I left on your blog? Look out for the news update post on tomorrow morning.

Jenny - it depends on what you mean by co-blogger. The offer is only available to people who can write a post on their own blog or a guest post on here. Unfortunately this does not include Gardeners' Click as it is a collaborative blog. We also have a limited number of tickets, so it's first come first served.

Pat Atkins said...

Hi VP how do I post a guest blog?
Pat Atkins

M@M aka VP ;) said...

Pat - thanks for your post and I hope you're pleased with the results :)