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Thus this blog also forms a valuable resource for anyone wanting to visit either the spring or autumn versions of the show, or contemplating a visit to the area.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Malvern Memories: Heucheraholics!

Today's Malvern Memory is our first from the reknowned Ms Arabella Sock of The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy. She takes us away from the the show gardens we've been enjoying over the past couple of weeks and propels us firmly towards the exciting nurseryman's stands in order to indulge in one of her favourite plant genera, the Heuchera...

Look what the Sock got!!!!

It is a pen from the eponymous 'Heucheraholics' (previously Solva Plants) and it says on it 'Heucheraholics for the hopelessly addicted!' Bet you are all really jealous now!

The Sock couldn't resist visiting the gorgeous 'Heucheraholics' stand at Malvern but had instructed herself not to buy any more heucheras for her already burgeoning collection.

Obviously she bought another one, the irresistible 'Sugar Frosting' because let's face it you can't have too many. The Sock mentioned to the nice lady on the stand that she had to buy one to blog about. "Oh, what blog is that" asked the lady. The Sock realising her identity might be discovered quickly blurted "I can't tell you it's a bit scurrilous". "Not the Gravy one?" Too late - the Sock's cover was blown.

It turned out that the lovely 'Heucheraholics' people were Sea of Immeasurable Gravy fans, finding the bloggywog after the Sock mentioned their stand at the RHS Inner Temple flower show last year. How funny is that! You must all buy lots of lovely plants from them. They will be at Chelsea next week and giving away fridge magnets - go and demand one and tell them the Sock sent you.

And to finish my eulogy to heucheras here is a 'pome' the Sock wrote a few years ago on getting home from a fruitless heuchera search, proving that the addiction has been going some time.

The Heucheras
(with apologies to William Wordsworth's 'The Daffodils')

I wandered lonely as a cloud
In search of heuchera 'Pewter Veil'
Or 'Can Can','Geisha' - names that wowed
Please let my favourites be for sale
A 'Strawberry Candy, 'Vanilla Spice
'Or 'Purple Petticoats' sounds quite nice

I dream of heucheras in line
Of 'Silver Shadows' 'Starry Night'
A 'Frosted Violet' would be fine
A 'Peach Flambé' would be all right
There's nothing from my list of faves
Just one sad pot of 'Amber Waves'!

And oft when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood
I think of heucheras and sigh
Those lovely plants with names of food
And then my heart with pleasure fills
(I want the one with Chocolate frills!)

We don't get nearly enough bad poetry on the gardening blogosphere these days and the Sock blames J-AS for proclaiming his dislike of it. But what does he know? Hmmm.. that is possibly like asking what the Romans did for us.........

Content and photographs courtesy of The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy.


Zoë said...

Fabulous post!!

Agree with not enough bad poetry and JAS being at fault - we also need more CATS!


Yolanda Elizabet Heuzen said...

Of course we need more cats. More Heucheras too. And pomes, very very bad pomes.

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

"Pomes" is good
Heucheras is OK
Cats is very very bad.
I wonder if I should sign in anonymously before I get pelted with rotten apples.

Great post Ms Sock

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

argghh -
Signed in as me
The comment above should read;-

great guest post Ms. Sock, thank you.

Gail said...

Oh my gosh.. how ever am I to smuggle heucheras home in my suitcase!
gail my word verification is sadme~that is so true;)

Nick Mann said...

Heuchera trivia question:

We had a supper party last year shortly after the Malvern Autumn Show. Of the 6 guests, how many arrived with Heucheras rather than the obligatory bottle of Infuriator?

Half of them! What good is that!

Anna said...

Most impressive pen (I want one) and pome:)

M@M aka VP ;) said...

Zoe - let's campaign for cats to be the theme of next year's show ;)

Yolanda - as the gagged (by JAS)queen of bad poetry, I'm in sore need of releasing a pome or two!

Karen - you gave yourself away? hehehehe

Gail - I think going home plantless is going to be a real problem for you and Frances :( I wonder if you can take home seeds?

Nick - welcome! What's Infuriator?

Anna - I'm sure Sean or Jooles will be more than happy to provide you with one. And a fridge magnet.

Anonymous said...

It seems this whole Malvern thing is about buying plants? And we will not be able to take anything home with us, not even seeds, it seems, or risk terrible consequences. Will you be there to bail us out of the brig? It is going to be difficult, but maybe we can get a cool Heuchera pen ala Lady Sock. And some photos. :-)

M@M aka VP ;) said...

Frances - I'll make it our solemn duty that you get a pen AND a fridge magnet at least.

It's going to be exquisite torture for yourself and Gail - all those plants and you can't take them home. I hope at least you'll get plenty of inspiration. There are other shopping opportunities - I have a great post lined up for next week :)